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Sep 24 '11

Can a Christian (preferably Catholic) explain this to me?


I’ve always wanted to know why you guys are scared of death and dying. According to what I’ve heard from the majority of you guys, people who die go to a “better place” and heaven is paradise and fantasterrific. So… wouldn’t you guys count the days until you get the privilege to die instead of fear it?

Well, death is a scary concept. What if you didn’t get to finish everything you wanted to? What if you aren’t good enough for Heaven?  You have to leave behind everyone you love, not knowing how your death will affect everyone. I know I have this concept of not being good enough for a lot of things, so death is something that scares me personally. There are some really devout Catholics/Christians that, even though we’re sad about death, they still rejoice that their loved ones are going to Heaven. Some of the stories of the saints rejoice for the gift to be with God.

It’s just human be scared of something that seems so permanent to us.

I hope that helps a little bit?