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Sep 29 '12
Sep 28 '12
shakingout answered your question: Help me out!
What assumptions are you making in this debate going in? (IE is it assumed the Bible is all true already, Tradition is true, etc etc)

I know that people think it’s like Catholics kinda are cannibals, or that it is just stupid.

honestly, people have always had poor debating skills with me, and all they tell me is “It is wrong/untrue.” But never give me a why.

Sep 28 '12

Help me out!

Good arguments, emphasis on “good”, against the Catholic belief of transubstantiation.

Which is basically the belief that when the bread and wine is blessed by a priest, it transforms into the body and blood of Jesus.

Its not an area that I’m knowledgeable about, which is probably why I don’t know any counter arguments. But I volunteered to be the devil’s advocate in the group.

But I tried to google, and there were only really stupid arguments against it.

Don’t worry about offending me, because I’m used to people being rude anyways, it’s called working-in-customer-service.

How about it?

Jan 28 '12
"Jesus loved us to the end, to the very limit, dying on the cross. We must have this same love which comes from within, from our union with Christ. Such love must be as normal to us as living and breathing."

Mother Teresa

God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

Jan 27 '12
"We are able to go through the most terrible places fearlessly, because Jesus in us will never deceive us; Jesus in us is our love, our strength, our joy, and our compassion."

Mother Teresa

God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

Sep 30 '11
Sep 29 '11

I do not understand stand why some people can bully someone over and over again ON PURPOSE.

I admit I have been on the end of where I talk bad about someone. I’ve even confronted some people and made them feel bad about themselves. These were also times of anger where I felt the need to defend either myself or my friends. It doesn’t make it any less wrong though.

I’ve also been on the receiving end. Of course I was blessed with not knowing that I was in fact being bullied. I just thought it was weird that the same girl slammed my locker shut on me every single day. And made fun of me because I didn’t have a surplus of bras in my closet, so yes, I did rewear them throughout the week. (We had PE together, so she had seen me change)
Or when two “friends” went against me and started to make rumors about me.
I’ve been bullied for dating a guy even, because the girl was friends with the ex-girlfriend, therefore had to find ways to make me feel bad about myself by saying I was ugly or a slut. I did an awesome job at defending myself but it didn’t matter anyways because the guy went back to his ex. #jerk.

All of these circumstances were very hurtful, even though I feel I dealt with them great.

I don’t think I could ever want to try to convince someone that they are worthless or that they should kill themselves. It isn’t human. How can anyone be so cruel? Can all the people who do this be atheist? I  really doubt it. Despite the fact that atheists don’t have a belief system (duhhhhhh) they still have morals. And if religious people are part of the population that bullies, how can they justify themselves? Bullying someone over and over again isn’t a very Christian thing to do.

I feel disappointed in the human race. How can anyone, atheist or religious, be so cruel?

Bullying is wrong, whether you’re doing it face-to-face or hiding behind a computer screen.

Sep 27 '11

Don’t be THAT GUY.

What offends me the most is when people talk bad about something that means so much to me. Yes, I understand that you are atheist/Not-Catholic Christian/whatever. But do you see me talking bad about something/someone that’s important to you?

I don’t talk bad about your family, significant other, friends, or beliefs. I know that to me, these people aren’t important to my life or that your beliefs don’t relate to my beliefs. But just because these things aren’t important to me doesn’t mean they aren’t important to someone else.

I understand that people like to shove their beliefs down everyone’s throats. Even though I’m Catholic doesn’t mean I’m not put down for what I believe in and get told to believe in something else. It’s to the point that I would rather wander around in a Christian store for an hour instead of ask where I should look because I want to avoid confrontation about how my religion is wrong blah blah blah. Sure, I love talking about my religion, but I also respect other religions’ beliefs.
Just because you have people shoving their beliefs down your throat all the time doesn’t mean you have to do the same. Because then you’re becoming what you hated! You are becoming the hated fanatic that loves to shove his/her beliefs down everyone’s throats!

I know sometimes people are annoying. Then you have to rant. Which is what I’m doing now. But that doesn’t mean you have to constantly put down other people’s beliefs. I know you think they are stupid. You have to understand that there are other people who think YOUR beliefs are stupid too. End this cycle of the war of the shovethroats. Religious fanatics are always going to be trying to convert people. Just tell them you aren’t interested and walk away.

Have nice debates with people about religion. Try to learn what other people believe so you don’t have any misconceptions about them, because no one wants to seem dumb for believing in a misconception.

And please, if you’re going to tell me what my religion says about me being a girl, have your sources ready, because I will ask for them. (Women not being allowed to read?? what?? Still haven’t gotten a reply from Anon.)

Rant=done. Time to study for my history exam. [:

Sep 24 '11

Can a Christian (preferably Catholic) explain this to me?


I’ve always wanted to know why you guys are scared of death and dying. According to what I’ve heard from the majority of you guys, people who die go to a “better place” and heaven is paradise and fantasterrific. So… wouldn’t you guys count the days until you get the privilege to die instead of fear it?

Well, death is a scary concept. What if you didn’t get to finish everything you wanted to? What if you aren’t good enough for Heaven?  You have to leave behind everyone you love, not knowing how your death will affect everyone. I know I have this concept of not being good enough for a lot of things, so death is something that scares me personally. There are some really devout Catholics/Christians that, even though we’re sad about death, they still rejoice that their loved ones are going to Heaven. Some of the stories of the saints rejoice for the gift to be with God.

It’s just human be scared of something that seems so permanent to us.

I hope that helps a little bit?

Sep 17 '11

I love finding Catholics on Tumblr. Represent!