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Aug 18 '12
mrs-darcy replied to your post: Guys….
Hopefully we all grown/mature as we get older. Sometimes people don’t grow/mature with us & our relationships change. You are the only 1 who can decide if he can become the person you thought he would be & if you want to wait to see or not.

I know, but it is so frustrating going from feeling like he’s the stable one in this relationship to feeling like I’ve matured in ways that he does not want to understand, so he thinks it’s being “immature” and then on the other hand, he’s becoming the epitome of what he used to hate (his ex-roommate who used to lay around living on unemployment) because he his unwilling to settle for the next few years until he can do what he loves. 

At the beginning he knew that he would have to be extremely lucky to get on a team, but now it’s like that is all he expects. He’s semi-part of an amateur team, but even each person has to pay their own way through there, because there is no sponsors to pay for everything, and he’s off worrying about losing his truck because his job in AZ cut his hours during the last month he was there, so he doesn’t have as much money as he needs to pay off the thing, and now he isn’t aklsdfj;alskdjf;lkasdjf;laksdjf;aksldjf;laksdjf;lkadsvca


Aug 7 '12
How long have you known about the ketchup containers?!?! Also, I’m sorry about your day :(

Not too long. First time I’ve been to a fast food restaurant since I found out.

And thanks. Sometimes shit hits the fan. Now I can relax for a day or so. 

OMG What happened??

An Anon asked me, and I answered. It was really confusing, and stupid, and I hate talking about it. I’m sorrryyy.

Aug 7 '12

Anonymous asked:

What happened at work ... :-(

This man confused me, he tricked me, and he stole $50.

I realized what might have happened 5 minutes before, and called my manager, who called security.

Then I filled a report in the security office, left (it was at the end of my shift.) She called me and said that there was something she needed to tell me, so I turned around and came back.

She told me that because of procedure, and because I was $50 short on my bank, I had to be suspended so an investigation can happen.

So I’m suspended, and I guess the casino is now getting it’s money back, plus some, since I don’t have to be paid while on suspension.

Aug 7 '12

Anonymous asked:

Are there masses throughout the week at St. Thomas More ? O_o Like on Wednesday ?

Yup, daily mass.

I think it is either at 8 am or 8:30. haha

Aug 5 '12

Anonymous asked:

I'm not sure if I like my Corolla or not. Idk why I'm being so iffy about it!

Toyotas are the best make of car, in my opinion. My mom’s old toyota lasted her 12 years, and then lasted my uncle another 6 years.

And the corolla would’ve had a longer life, if idiots knew how to drive.

A toyota is most likely to be the best car you’ll ever have, and I’m happy that I’m still in the toyota family with my current car.

Aug 4 '12

Anonymous asked:

Did you like your Corolla ... ?

I loved my Corolla, actually. She was an amazing car.

Jul 30 '12

Anonymous asked:

Girl, you are more than beautiful. You are gorgeous. And you are a princess, all women are. Remember that being skinny is only "beautiful" in our eyes because society says so. We've been talked into thinking that. Look in the mirror and say out loud - "I am beautiful." Not only that, but you are valued and loved and a child of God.

I know.

But I can’t change the way I think. I don’t see these things when I look in the mirror.

I’m usually very positive, but not when it comes to my looks. I feel like I’m a nice person. Just not nice-looking.

I’m sorry.

Jul 30 '12

Anonymous asked:

Oh Andrea :( Don't say that. Who told you that? I think you are stunning. Keep your chin up.

It’s just me. It really is.

But thanks.

Jul 24 '12

Anonymous asked:

I was just asking because my parents are strict with me so I'm kind of trying to compare!

Yea, I don’t know about your parents, but I guess mine were strict? I was brainwashed, because my mom would always let me off easy, because I wasn’t even supposed to go out according to my dad, but I did because my mom let me.

But they do it for a reason. I am not pregnant, I haven’t done drugs, and I haven’t been arrested. But others have rebelled against strict parents, I decided to wait until I was graduated.

What did I do, you ask? I first got two hamsters without telling my parents. I then got a belly button piercing. And then I got a pet bunny. [: Haha. 

Jul 24 '12

Anonymous asked:

You where my Tumblr crush for a long time. . . . . but everything changed when the fire nation attacked :(


Because I’m not tumblr crushable [: