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Mind. Blown.

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Nov 8 '11

Anonymous asked:

What's up with all of these anons hating on you? Its not cool at all. So to balance things out how about some anon love? lol. I like your blog. Some of the things make me LOL when I am down. I don't think your a fake person. I like that you are trying to be vocal about your faith. I think that you are pretty amazing person for not letting thier hate have an effect on you. And I LOVE that your answer is "I will pray for you". I am actually going to join you in that prayer. Stay awesome! :)

You are so sweet!

I finally have a reason to use this gif!

I don’t think anyone should be scared to share what they believe. I actually love when people of different beliefs share their faith, because I just love to learn. So I try to return the favor, in a way. Plus I just love to ramble.

YOU stay awesome! I’ll be praying for you FIRST. Because I tend to save the enemies for last in prayer. But you’ll def. be first! =D

Thanks for making me smile, Dear Anon.

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